Chiredzi Rural District Council

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Chiredzi District is among the top tourist destination for Zimbabwe,  the district forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfontier Park  ( GLTP) thus one of the biggest wildlife park in the world. Gonarezhou National Park falls under Chiredzi district, while Limpopo National park and Kruiger National Park forms the other part of this magnificent park.

In terms of Leisure , the district offers some of the best up market hotels , Hotels, lodges and Challets. Other tourist attraction centers are found within the district which is community based tourism sites which are; Mashawi Hot springs, Pesvi Gorge, Gudo Historical sites where there are rock paintings, Malicheche Pool, Chingoji Spring, Manjinji Bird and Flower Sanctuary for eco-tourism. Visit to see other Proposed sites Tourism Sites

The District is home to the mighty Gonarezhou Nstional Park which covers of about 5053 km2 , with all the big 5 game and Majestic Chilojo Hills. Gonarezhou National Park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfontier Part (GLTP), which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the whole world.

The District also boasts of wildlife conservancies like the Malilangwe conservancy (about 54000 ha) The Malilangwe trust , Save Valley conservancy(76000ha)  and Chiredzi River Conservancies.

Chiredzi District is the commercial hub of the Zimbabwe’s only sugar producing industry producing plantantions of Hippo Valley, Triangle and Mkwasine Estates.. The business hub of the district that is the town is surrounded by about 200km2 of sugar plantations. The sugar is exported throughout southern Africa. This forms the major source of foreign currency for government and its inhabitants.

The people of the District , mainly the Shangaans, have a deep, original cultural heritage, which is unique for tourism. They migrated from South Africa during the era of King Shaka of Zululand and settled in the south east area of Zimbabwe. Every year a Shangaan cultural gal is held the Chiefs, to showcase the rich culture of the Shangaan people.

Safari Operators

In terms of transport and communication , Chiredzi district has a reliable transport network system. Roads ,railway and air points links the district to all corners of  Zimbabwe and other neighboring countries in the southern region. The district is privileged to have Buffalo Range Air point that can cater for any air craft to land in Zimbabwe. Other airstrips and aerodrome support the air point which are Chipinda strip ,Hippo Valley aerodrone  and Malilangwe air strip, Within Gonarezhou national park there are also other air strip that can be used by small aircraft.