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The Chiredzi RDC was established by the President in terms of the Rural District Councils Act, Revised Edition of 1996, (Chapter 29: 13), section eight (8), sub-section one (1), paragraph (a).Before then,local government existed in the form of our traditional structures of kings, chiefs and headmen and village heads.

Before independence there were organizations referred to as African Council. African Councils were responsible for Tribal Trust Lands (T.T.L). They were made up of appointed representatives and District Council was the higher authority. African councils were small and could not fund themselves and depended solely on Government funds.

In the post-independence era, rural councils were introduced covering the commercial farming areas but only permitted land owners to vote. Rural councils were interested in the provision of roads within the farming areas and the provision of services to the small urban centers within their boundaries that saw the establishment of Gaza Khomanani District Council in 1982. Racial bias was removed from local government and systems were unified and improved to give the structures that we have today.

In 1993 a government policy was put in place that resulted in the amalgamation of two district councils, namely Gaza Khomanani District Council and Chiredzi Rural Council. In 2002 a government established Chiredzi Town Council..

CRDC is a Local authority established in the terms of Rural District Councils Act 29:13 of the Republic of Zimbabwe, as read with statutory instrument 67 of 1992. We play a mini-government role within our area of jurisdiction. CRDC is a Rural District Council that is committed to working with the rural folk. Our area is good for hunting and investment purposes. Chiredzi District is the commercial hub of the Zimbabwe’s only sugar producing industry producing plantations.

The people of the District , mainly the Shangaans, have a deep, cultural heritage, which is unique for tourism.


Excellent and affordable service delivery and higher standards of living for our people by 2020


To build diverse community livelihoods and improved standards in a sustainable manner and foster a sense of partnership in all sectors of the economy

OUR CORE VALUES We are guided by the ADISTG Values which are

Accountability Development Integrity Service Team Work Gender Sensitive

Chiredzi Rural District Council is in the south eastern lowveld of Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. Chiredzi is a small town in Masvingo province in south-east Zimbabwe. It is located near the Runde River, which has a tributary called the Chiredzi. It shares boundary with Bikita and Zaka Rural District, to the east it shares with Chipinge Rural District, to the south it shares with South Africa and Mozambique and to the west it shares with Chibi, Mwenezi and Beitbridge.

Chiredzi Rural District Council is rural based and mainly focused towards the development of the rural areas and improving the standard of life of people living in these rural areas..


Roads Construction.

Motorized grading.

Housing roads construction.

Pegging and allocation of stands.

Revenue mobilization.

Budgeting and budgetary control.

Establishment of schools, clinics and social amenities.

Conservation of Natural Resources.

Management of irrigation Schemes.

Training of communities in resource conservation and wildlife management.

Human Resource planning and management

Chiredzi District has quite a number of lodges, Challets and Hotels.

Available Accomodation

Singita Pamushana Lodge

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Nhongo Lodge Chiredzi

Palm Tree Place

The Nesbitt Arms

Senuko Safari Lodge

Hippo Valley Country Club

Triangle Country Club

It is a quaint little town, which arose from the need of a service centre for the surrounding sugar cane growing communities. The region falls as a Tourism Designated Zone meaning it has room for investment potential and infrastructural development. It has a beautiful surrounding attractions like the Gona-Rezhou Game Park. This game reserve is part of the Trans-Zambezi frontier that encompasses Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South African game reserves giving the visitor a rather large expanse of land to traverse and view game.

Chiredzi area has got over 95% of its's area taken by the Gonarezhou National Park and the Conservancies like Malilangwe and Save Valley. The game hunter or just the casual traveller will find Chiredzi an unforgettable experience.

Chiredzi is served by a small international airport at Buffalo Range called the Buffalo Range Airport and to other road port entries that is the Beitbridge- Border Post and Sango Border Post.

Livestock farming is ideal for the area. The area is sparsely populated with the dominate people being the Shangaan and most people speak shangan a dialect that is related to both Zulu and Ndebele. The area is a hub for Cultural Tourism with the popular Shangaan and they celebrate cultural events annually

Chiredzi is also "famous" for it's weather - the heat. The weather is a dry and hot, with temperatures in the summer that can go up to 40 degrees Celsius. So if it's a sweltering holiday you want, in the bush or "bundu" as they call it, Chiredzi is the place to be!!

CRDC is a Rural District Council that is committed to working with the rural folk. Our area is good for hunting, farming and investment purposes. Temperatures range from low to high and for tourists coming.

There is need to construct Hotels, Lodges or camp sites along the Great Limpopo, Transfontier Conservation Area. Partnerships with communities can be welcome.

Investment opportunities