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Department Head : Mr T. Chimanya

The department does various duties to keep Chiredzi Rural District Council running smoothly. It is in charge of the following:

  1. Services the technical committee of Council
  2. Development Planning services which includes :
  • Development control - reducing case of illegal development establishment
  • Planning and establishment of settlements and business centers
  • Regularisation of structures within the district
  • Promote housing developments projects , servicing of stands (thus involves layout planning  & surveying)
  • Provide technical advises and skills on all technical projects in relation to infrastructure development throughout the district
  • Reticulated water supply and development projects .
  • Establishment and formation of new road network
  • Monitoring and evaluation of all council infrastructure project
  • Production of strategic plans and annual plans         

Technical Services Goals

  • Construct and improve the existing road network infrastructure by year 2019
  • Improve the current building outlook 50% to 70% by the year 2019
  • Improve the formulation ,implementation and management of spatial land use plans from 50% to 70% by the year 2019
  • Improve & increase water reticulation infrastructure from the current 10% to 20% by the year 2019
  • Increase access and ownership of housing stands from the current 20% to 70%by year 2019


  • Construction at  Rupangwana RSC water reticulation system
  • Chikombedzi Water Supply 4500 stands created at Buffalo Range
  • Pegging of 350 stands at Rupangwana 

Technical Section


At Field


Technical Service Staff

Stands Categories

  • Commercial – these ranges from 300sqm -500m2
  • Industrial – these ranges from 450m2 -10000m2
  • Institutional – these ranges from 2000msqm -10000sqm
  • Residential – these ranges from -500sqm -2800sqm

Available Land Area

  • Commercial Stands- Tshovani Rural Service Centre, Buffalo Range, Chizvirizvi, Nyangambe
  • Residential Stands-Tshovani Rural Service Centre, Buffalo Range, Chizvirizvi, Nyangambe
  • Industrial Stands-  Buffalo Range, Chizvirizvi, Nyangambe
  • Institutional Stands- Buffalo Range,