Chiredzi Rural District Council

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In terms of Leisure , the district offers some of the best up market hotels , namely 

  1. A 5 star Pamushana Lodge which is situated at the peak of a hill within Malilangwe Trust Conservancy and at the foot of the hill is a dam where animals drink and feed providing a perfect scenery for nature.
  2. 3 star Nesbit Arms Hotel which is a true oasis set against a hill and a wonderful place to spend a relaxing getaway weekend,
  3. The  Sika Guest Lodge which is also built on top of a hill providing a perfect, eyebrow raising and eye catching view of a floating green carpet of cane plant and a number of campsites and chalets within the conservancy areas.
  4. There are 3 country clubs within the district namely Hippo Valley, Triangle and Mkwasine Country Clubs which provides overwhelming services from food, accommodation and sporting. Each country club has an excellent golf course and one club has a Polo Crosse.
  5. Senuko, Nduna, Mabaluta, Chipinda, Muteri and Siringer
  6. Other tourist attraction centers are found within the district which is community based tourism sites which are; Mashawi Hot springs, Pesvi Gorge, Gudo Historical sites where there are rock paintings, Malicheche Pool, Chingoji Spring, Manjinji Bird and Flower Sanctuary for eco-tourism.