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CRDC is a Local authority established in the terms of Rural District Councils Act 29:13  of the Republic of Zimbabwe, as read with statutory instrument 67 of 1992. We play a mini-government role within our area of jurisdiction. CRDC is a Rural District Council that is committed to working with the rural folk. Our area is good for hunting and investment purposes.

Chiredzi District is the commercial hub of the Zimbabwe’s only sugar producing industry producing plantations. The people of the District , mainly the Shangaans, have a deep, cultural heritage, which is unique for tourism.

  • Climate: hot wet summers, and cool dry winters. Average annual rainfall is around 500mm
  • Relief: Generally low lying, within the South Eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe. Area less than 600m above sea level
  • Soils: Heavy basaltic clay soils that crack badly when dry.


  • Roads Construction.
  • Motorized grading.
  • Housing roads construction.
  • Pegging and allocation of stands.
  • Revenue mobilization.
  • Budgeting and budgetary control.
  • Establishment of schools, clinics and social amenities.
  • Conservation of Natural Resources.
  • Management of irrigation Schemes.
  • Training of communities in resource conservation and wildlife management.
  • Human Resource planning and management



  • The District has an International Airport at Buffalo Range.
  • The District is serviced by an extensive road network, which is mainly all weather roads. There are 2 wide tarred secondary roads running across the district from Ngundu to Tanganda, and from Lothian to Buffalo Range.
  • Communications is made easy by presence of mobile network providers like Econet, Telcel and Netone, throughout the District including the rural areas, and resettlement areas.
  • Chikombedzi Growth point is accessed both by road and is also covered by cellphones. There is also rail linkage to Mozambique via Chicualacuala. 
Chiredzi District is among the top tourist destination for Zimbabwe,  the district forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfontier Park  (GLTP) thus one of the biggest wildlife park in the world. Gonarezhou National Park falls under Chiredzi district, while Limpopo National park and Kruiger National Park forms the other part of this magnificent park.
The District also boasts of wildlife conservancies like the Malilangwe conservancy, Malilangwe Trust , Save Valley conservancy  and Chiredzi River Conservancies and the majestic Chilojo Cliffs.Temperatures range from low to high and for tourists coming.

In terms of Leisure , the district offers some of the best up market hotels.


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