Chiredzi Rural District Council

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There is need to construct Hotels , Lodges or Camp sites along the Great Limpopo Transfontier Conservation Area. Partnerships with communities can be welcome. 

Sangwe Corridor                                 Game viewing/ lodges/bird watching and sport hunting

  1. Persvi gorge                                                              Construction of lodges / chalets
  2. Sakala Lodge                                                             Construction of chalets
  3. Nyakasikana dam                                                      Construction of chalets
  4. Mashawi Hotspring                                                    Construction of chalets

Matibi 2 Communal land

  1. Chipinda pools                                                           Construction of chalets/ Campsite
  2. Naivasha Mhlanguleni                                                Construction of chalets

Sangwe Communal Land

  1. Nwa Chingulana                                                        Construction of lodges
  2. Ndali entry point in Gonarezhou National Park         Construction of Campsite
  3. Chingoji Hot Spring                                                   Construction of chalets/ lodges


Key Investment areas

  • Wild life and tourism- spot and eco-hunting
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Agriculture –Sugar cane farming
  • Sugar industry -Establishment of a sugar mill plant
  • Housing Development
  • Industrialization-Value Addition and beneficiation : Processing of sugarcane  by-products  and warehouses for storages.

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Investment opportunities


  1. Free lease fee for developing Chalet for 5 years and 7 years for developing lodges
  2. No payment of development levy
  3. No payment of licence levy for 5 years for chalets and 7 years for lodges
  4. Free charge of royalties that is collection of river sand , pit sand and stones